H E L L O  T H E R E .

My name is Thibault. I'm a Photographer, drone pilot and Digital Creative from Copenhagen, Denmark with an unquenchable thirst for photography and a passion for telling engaging visual stories.
As a former sailor I had the opportunity to cross the globe and its oceans.
Throughout my journeys, I've always had a camera by my side, always trying to capture my surroundings .
Photography quickly became more than a hobby; it became my greatest passion.
After years of sailing and documenting my adventures, I made the bold decision to change careers in 2020 and pursue photography full-time.
Now full-time photographer, this is the biggest challenges I've ever taken on.

S E R V I C E S . 

My bag is always packed. I'm available for photo shoot, editorial and commercial assignments in Copenhagen, Denmark and worlwide.
Several projects are underway, including an ebook and a photo exhibition in Copenhagen, October 2023. 
I also share my passion during workshops with my partner ARTXP.​​​​​​​

C L I E N T S  &  P A R T N E R S . 

Selected clients or partners I've worked or collaborated with:
Københavns kommune
Conceivable Life Sciences
Feel free to reach out if you have any enquiries about my work, collaborations, commercial or private work.
Thank you!
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